management promotions

How do I get a promotion?

Start by understanding that you are your most prominent advocate.

Take notes

What this means in practice is that you need to keep detailed notes of everything you do,

consider themes such as significant projects, initiatives, recruiting, coaching, mentoring, and thinking strategically.

Furthermore, your company probably uses a growth plan or matrix.

Make sure you are following everything laid out for the next step.

Mimic success

If someone in the company you admire is already at the next level, try to mimic them.

What this means in practice is that you might start sharing more industry news or leading more projects or providing more ideas, or engaging in cross-functional initiatives.

Remember, this individual is already at the next level, and for you to get promoted, you will be expected to do the same or more things they’re currently doing.

Be explicit

Make sure you are explicit about your expected work to get a promotion.

Reach out to your manager, and ask for direct guidance and steps necessary to achieve the next level.

Market your next intentions

Lastly, but equally important to all of the above, is to make your intentions known.

Tell as many people as you can that you intend to be promoted.

Doing so helps you get feedback to understand the path for promotion.

It also establishes a psychological approach for others to see you at the next level and help you along the way.


Once you start the promotion process, you will have been working at the next level, mimicking someone successful in the role, and have everything documented so that everyone involved can quickly determine your readiness.

Best of luck!

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