First 90 day plan – AI sponsored post

The first 90 days of a new job are critical for success. In order to make the most of this time, it is important to have a plan. The following is a suggested plan for the first 90 days:

  1. Establish your goals and priorities. What do you hope to accomplish in your new role? What are your top priorities?
  2. Get oriented. Learn about the company, its culture, and its products or services. Talk to people in different departments and get their perspectives on what it’s like to work at the company.
  3. Develop relationships with key people in the organization . Who are the key players in your department and across the company? Build relationships with them by asking questions, seeking advice, and collaborating on projects whenever possible.”

– this small blog post was written by an AI from you.com via https://t.co/hJihfuex9D