Thinking strategically

Stay up to date on what is happening around you

Thinking strategically means having a more comprehensive view of what is happening within your company and industry.

Not only do you need to understand the vision and direction for your area, but you need to go above and beyond what you’re required to understand and learn the broader scope of where the company is going.

To make this easier on you, it is beneficial to block some time weekly or daily to read up on what is happening around your company, your industry, and your competition. 

Make it a point to attend conferences, sign up for trade publications, and connect with external contacts.

Introduce a habit of writing up ideas

Gaining a broader scope of your industry, your company, and your company’s direction leads to getting your ideas in front of others.

One proven technique to get started with this is to introduce a habit of writing up your ideas.

The goal isn’t to write the perfect idea or direction but rather to write consistently, Regardless of how good or bad you think your ideas are, consistency is the key.

Once you get into the habit of writing out your ideas, you can start sharing them, talking about them, bringing them up in meetings, and eventually owning the execution of one of your ideas.

After some time, others will notice that you’re thinking outside the box.

You will constantly bring up ideas instead of just providing opinions on ideas from others.

You will influence others towards your line of thinking, and this gets easier since you have the industry insights to guide your direction.

You will lead new initiatives, and see their impact on the company.

In other words, you will be thinking strategically.

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