Better habits

this is just today’s mini post based on the atomic habits book.

I was recently reading atomic habits and it made me realize that I had wanted to start writing more often, specifically in this blog, but I always felt like I never had time to do it.

In the book they suggest that you start a daily habit by creating an intention

An intention might look like “on a daily basis at 9 PM I am going to write a blog post.”

Now, an entire blog post might take me a while to write since I usually put a lot of thought into it, but the book suggests we start doing any new activity for no more more than two minutes.

So this here is my two minute blog post stating in my intent to write for about two minutes a day and see how that goes.

I intent to publish these quick writings on a daily basis, so I apologize in advance if the content is not as great as you would expect.

The intention is to start a better habit and to actually become a better writer, so thanks in advanced for joining me in this adventure and I hope that you’ll stick around for more content

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