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Why do I stick around?

Today, I saw a post from a close colleague of mine that they have joined a new company.

Anytime someone leaves it makes me wonder if I could I be next, what is keeping me here? what drove them to leave? how much money are they making now? are their benefits better? what is it like over at their new place of employment?

Upon reflection, I think about the reasons for me to join my current company and I wonder if those still hold true, as well if I still feel the same way I felt about them when I joined.

For me specifically, I value a place with strong company values, a big emphasis on empathy, and treating people with respect.

to give you an example, a place that thrives on execution and driving people out via PIP is not the type of place that I wanna work for (you know who you are)

I went back to my prior priority matrix for when I was searching for work (yes, I had a weighed priority matrix to compare offers) and I noticed that I weighed heavily on the values, more so than the compensation.

So far, this still holds true for my current employer so I’m happy to say that I’ll be sticking around for a little while ☺️

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