Thankful for traditions

Living in the United States allowed me to learn about traditions from all sorts of backgrounds.

I was exposed to traditions based on sexual orientation, religion, historical events, location, and even driven by capitalism.

I remember approaching these with lots of curiosity but a particular defensiveness, mainly caused by a lack of understanding.

Once I entered the workforce, I was exposed to company-specific traditions.

All these traditions shared a specific set of traits, such as 

  • Happening on a particular date
  • Requiring a ritual to perform
  • Driven by a particular subject
  • Led by passionate individuals on these subjects
  • Regarded as highly important by a subset of the company

This week, as my wife diligently sets up holiday decorations at our house, I am reminded that I work for a company that hires from around the world.

I am thankful that I learned about more traditions than what I had been exposed to so far.  

I am thankful that others think of me and want to include me in their traditions, even when I don’t have the foundation for the tradition.

I am thankful I no longer feel defensive about others’ traditions.

And I am thankful I get the opportunity to include others in my traditions.

As you think about your own situation, what traditions come to mind that are new to you? What have you learned from them?

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com